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Premium Steak & Chicken Seasoning | Dalmatian Rub

Premium Steak & Chicken Seasoning, combining the flavors of Montreal, Chicago, and Porterhouse blends, is perfect for beef, chicken, pork, turkey, vegetables, salads, popcorn, and more.

Premium Steak and Chicken Seasoning (9oz)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY Small batches of high quality spices simply have more flavor. Made with salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, thyme, dill, soybean oil, and red pepper.
  • VERSATILE Can be used as a rub or seasoning. It’s wonderful on steaks, hamburgers, chicken (broiled, grilled, or rotisserie), grilled veggies, or anything else that needs a boost of flavor (even bacon and bagels!)
  • GREAT GIFT for anyone that likes to grill, cook, or smoke foods. Currently not found in grocery stores.
  • MSG free, Keto friendly, and no artificial colors or flavors

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Dalmatian Rub, A coarse salt and pepper BBQ dry rub for smoking briskets, shoulders, ribs, and more. (24 ounce*) $23.95

Smaller-sized version is listed below (10oz bottle instead of 24oz).

Dalmation BBQ Rub (24oz)
  • A rub made of premium coarse ground salt and pepper that brings out the best flavors in meats. The coarse grind magnifies the spice flavors.
  • Produces an excellent bark on smoked meats such as brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, and chicken.
  • The original BBQ rub blend still used by many of the best BBQ restaurants.
  • Equally great on grilled meats such as steaks, burgers, and fish. It can also be used on anything that tastes better with salt and pepper such as baked potatoes, fries, vegetables, etc.

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Dalmation BBQ Rub (10oz)

*We realize that the bottle is not full. This is part of our learning experience! When we asked the co-packer to make a bottle with 24 oz of spice, they used their stock 24 oz spice bottle. As coarse ground salt & pepper are more dense than say parsley flakes or onion powder, 24 oz does not fill up the bottle. We are learning!